The most enjoyable stories

And they are all one click away somewhere else in the Monkey’s canopy.

Enjoyable reading should be universal to compensate for life’s many challenges. Through decades of struggle the following linked stories are all posted somewhere within the Old Monkey’s canopy. If the following stories don’t produce a good belly laugh, at least they should bring a smile to our frequently callous dispositions.

On occasion a real life experience is not so funny at the time, but with age and hindsight the perspective changes for the better. The Old Monkey’s favorite reads are of this variety, and are listed below to get you started. If these stories are not your cup of tea somebody is in the wrong solar system.

Sure-fire snore stopper

The evil door

Civet cat coffee

Retirement with a twist

The ladies restroom

Lessons from the henhouse

The wicked rabbit

The Xmas Ogre

Fred’s first night

Holy S#%*!!

Miss Muffett

While skinny dipping

The lady in black

Magnificent recharge

The wardroom rat

More to be added in a moment!

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