Getting ahead in America

These papers provide data-based evidence in support of the American Dream.  The vast majority of journalists have little understanding of such data.  As a result they publish papers which both misrepresent and distort the evidence to fit their narrative.  The American Dream is alive and well, but you will never hear this from the liberal media.  The following listing offers a title and a brief description of each paper. Study and enjoy!!

Title Preview
From poverty to wealth When a journalist attempts to explain a gap in wealth between young and much older families she removes common sense from the equation and replaces it with liberal biases.
Does being poor matter in education? When identifying a host of personal – family – cultural – health-related and other biographical factors — being poor simply doesn't register in identifying which students will profit from attending school.
Income and wealth inequality: Fair or unfair? When a journalist doesn't know the difference between income and wealth – should she be writing about inequality or fairness?  In this paper she deals with income alone – and has no idea what wealth really is.
Income – wealth – and debt Two outstanding PEW research reports help identify the elephant in the room across 50 years of deterioration in family wealth.  And the answer is ______!
Upward mobility and the poor This outstanding 25-year follow-up study of family incomes and that of their offspring 25 years later essentially puts to rest the idea that income mobility is a dream.  Moving from the bottom to the top of the income ladder in a single generation is matched by many moving from the top to the bottom – and all in a single generation.  Getting ahead in America is available to all when you play your cards right.
Is grandpa an extortionist? When an economist equates consumption with redistribution by age – then grandma and grandpa's heads are on the chopping block.  But wait!  Grandpa has a trick of his own that destroys this house of cards.


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