Government function?

The role of individuals:  From a slice of history, the original planners of the constitution debated government and individual needs openly in the hope of striking a balance.  These planners were primarily farmers who tended to their private lives most of the time, and went to the nation’s capital for short periods of time, at their own expense, to conduct the government’s business.  Since that time government has grown like a dinosaur and very few understand its proper function.  The following papers illustrate the great divide between private and public (government) interests.

May God bless what remains of America.

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Washington's complicity in Charlottsville! Out federal government is complicit in encouraging all forms of hatred as demonstrated daily.
Economic Disparity – Narrative of the Left Nancy Pelosi believes that this great disparity in wealth is a danger to the country! As a multi-millionaire who votes for a bill in order to see what is in it – it is more likely that Pelosi – not wealth is the greater danger to the country.
Legislative Idiocy – The Wasserman Test Stand by! There is a new (Debby) Wasserman test which is so idiotic that it works for only 24 hours – the time it takes the good folks in Florida to discover how fundamentally stupid this law really is.
Obama’s Pessimism – Income Inequality He could avoid the Prozac if he understood his starting point about income inequality is not supported by comprehensive income research. And he appears to have no grasp at all of the relationship between an annual income and the growth of wealth over many years.
Monkey diplomacy With Kerry and Obama in charge of international affairs – are today’s monkeys in Washington any better than Newhart's Infinite number of monkeys a few decades back? Have we evolved at all – or are we only a stone’s throw from our four legged cousins who are vastly superior to us climbing trees?
Obamacare’s Planet of the Apes In pushing this can of worms onto the American people – Obama comes across like a snake oil salesman. In Obama’s Planet of the Apes we now find ourselves subjected to health care administered by creatures from another planet who speak our language but march to a different drummer.
Obama’s magnificent deception One must view Obama's words with great care to determine whether he is the accomplished actor who is uttering words without leadership in the real world – or he is hiding in the cart – attempting to achieve what he dare not say in public.
Hiring is up – fears are down – or not! This “good news” and “reduced fear” does not indicate how many of the new hires are part-time workers. So much for the whole truth in the USA Today's front page editorial.
Disparate Impact – Government Extortion Regardless of your business’ strict compliance with every employment – insurance – financing law – the outcome is virtually predetermined when the government comes through your door with a quota system.
Obamacare – One Picture Says it All There are two sets of rules – one for those in the bubble – and another for the folks who pay taxes –  vote – and live by the rules.
EEOC IDIOCY This is the story about a $3.000.000 fine for 12.000 alleged instances of job discrimination by Fedex without a shred of evidence that they had committed the first such instance.
Obama’s Anemic Recovery Obama’s job-killing decisions are too numerous to mention. His class warfare is typical of Marxist rhetoric by the ruling 5% who claim to protect the masses from the evil rich – the evil corporations – and every form of wealth.

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