Back yard creatures

Moving to Palm Coast, Florida 10 years ago, never did I suspect that my back yard would be crawling with creatures.  With the Cypress Course #4 T-box immediately behind our house, a 100 yards of weeds and water to cross to the fairway, and a vacant lot to our north, it is the perfect setting for an animal crossing and feeding area for predatory birds.  The following pictures are mostly all taken from my office window overlooking the old mens’ T-box.

While this  page features the wild things, in ten years we have received many golf balls, a six iron, and the head of a driver inside our screened-in enclosure. The six-iron arrived in the corner of the lot while watching a foursome T-off in a drizzling rain.  The driver head clearly came off after striking the ball, detached, and flew a perfect arc through the mesh screen to the floor of the enclosure.


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