Groups or cults?

A fair amount of “orientation” we acquire as humans is group, organization, or culture related. A serious problem with groups is a tendency for them to develop an intolerance for those who may have and express differences with the group’s standards.  The following papers would seem to have this influence in the background.  Welcome to America where speech is free, – but you better be careful!  When groups become political they frequently lose their power as advocates for the very group they support.  What happened to the National Organization for Women?  When they became block voters for the Democrats, they lost half their supporters in the Republican party.  Go figure!

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The gun problem:Steps one and two What a paradox when every shooting tragedy morphs into a political cry for more gun control.  Thinking is turned on its head in favor of more laws to protect society from guns.
Ferguson or Chicago Well into our first half-black president's tenure in office – he is unable to tell the difference between Ferguson – Mo. and Chicago where hundreds of black men are slaughtered every year without a peep from those in power.  No help for black folks here.
On racism:Emotion or reason? In the immediate aftermath of the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida – the usual gathering of folks with megaphones arrives to sow seeds of discontent and anger – based upon little more than supposition.
On agricultural science When a liberal journalist gets into her climate change costume – she extrapolates from little or nothing to saving the planet.  May God save us all!
Global warming:Bring it on Some serious historical facts about planet earth punches a hole in the science of journalists and government – who believe that science is settled through consensus. Galileo did this and was threatened with death by the powers at the time.
Grandpa's trousers Strange how the most idiotic of fashion statements can originate in the prisons and be on display throughout the malls of America!  But then idle hands are the devil's workshop. This fashion takes care of idle hands??
The preacher and the polar bear When a preacher takes on political arguments in ignorance of the facts – it is time to set the factual record straight.
When glaciers melt One of the key arguments of the global warming frenzy is the shrinking of selected glaciers. To this they add shrinking rivers – lowering of ground water – raising ocean levels – and expansion of deserts. Where does it all end? The answer is here!
The account manager Exactly how paying a hospital bill can interfere in a 60+ year marriage is a mind-boggling exercise.  Is this really happening in our insane politically correct culture?


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