Economic Disparity; Narrative of the Left

The left’s current political narrative suggests that the accumulation of wealth is somehow an evil: (In global wealth: 85 = 3,500,000,000, USA Today 1/21/2014).  Nancy Pelosi adds that this great disparity in wealth is a danger to the country!  As a multi-millionaire who votes for a bill in order to see what is in it, it is more likely that Pelosi, not wealth is the greater danger to the country.  The other danger is papers that report these disparities as the holy grail of economic justice and injustice.  There is no justice or injustice in these sterile numbers.

These are only numbers, not values.  They take on meaning according to what they represent, and are in themselves of no particular value.  Using the term disparity (not parity) means simply not equal.  Each thing counted takes on value according to the setting (market) it is in. For example, height has greater value on a basketball court.  Weight in excess has serious health consequences.  In these examples the higher numbers have respectively positive and negative consequences according to the market specified.

Wealth is not an equally simple measurement, but is a horse of a different color as they said in Oz.  Many look at wealth as though it is equally simple, and that any great inequality in wealth between the haves and the have-nots somehow becomes an evil. Ann Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged is a powerful presentation of the tension between producers and consumers within a free market economy.  The contribution of each to the other gets lost when a government believes the deck is stacked and the market system is not fair to the individual.

Our current government in DC is a great stage play representing these diverse positions.  The democrats believe the government knows best and should provide a safety net for many people for many things because they simply have less of something.  The republicans believe the free market and free enterprise produce the country’s wealth and pays the taxes that support the governments’ programs.  Nancy Pelosi sits between these two positions with her multi-millions in wealth and claims that this disparity is a danger to the country!

A magnificent solution would be for Obama and Pelosi to redistribute Pelosi’s wealth to eliminate this danger to the country.  Only after Pelosi’s wealth is equitably redistributed should this solution be considered for the rest of the country.

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