Ferguson or Chicago?

Obama's Cool Aid

Obama’s Coolaid

After six-plus years into our first half-black president’s tenure in office, Ferguson, Missouri rears its ugly head.  Early on there was a smidgen of hope that Obama’s blackness and the role model he and Michelle set for black families might rub off onto the black culture.  As a president for hope and change, it appears now that hope and change in the black community is as bleak as ever, no thanks to anyone in Washington.

It is not surprising that this small suburb of St. Louis has become a media circus with instant communication of alleged racial injustice.  With this incident still in the fact-gathering stage, the scene in Ferguson is already ten days old with rioting and looting essentially destroying this small, previously mostly peaceful community.   To Treyvon Martin may now be added Michael Brown, another unarmed black man, whose death by police followed petty theft and abuse of a store clerk only minutes earlier.

Neither is it surprising that the usual race-baiting black men should arrive in Ferguson to fan the flames of division and hatred.  In addition to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and dozens of crooks and agitators from all over the country, now we must add Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States.  As the highest policeman in the country, his presence is supposed to calm the waters and assure us that nobody’s civil rights are violated.  Lots of luck there!  It appears more like intimidation of local authorities and railroading a white policeman who was just doing his job.

How to cure Ferguson

Any legitimate concern for the civil rights of black men should include the following two basic steps.

Step 1)  Get all the race baiting folks out of Ferguson.  The wheels of justice move slowly, and required 11 days to assemble a grand jury, the first body empowered to collect all the evidence under law.  The black posse in Ferguson has no interest in justice under law.

Step 2)  Send all these race baiting folks to Chicago where hundreds of black men are slaughtered every year with scarcely a whimper.  These black men  disappear without a trace, and nobody seems to be concerned that the police sweep these deaths under the carpet.  The truth about the death of black men resides in full view in Chicago, but nobody in the media wants to put this circus on display.

The spotlight is wasted by the intense media scrutiny on little Ferguson when the national spotlight should be focused upon Chicago, where black men are shot every day and nobody seems to care.  In the name of Civil rights, why doesn’t Eric Holder, with all his black expertise, focus his attention on Chicago, an epicenter for black shootings across the country.

If you want to protect black men’s civil rights, Eric, move your spotlight to Chicago where the challenge is worthy of federal intervention.  Are you up to the task, or have you joined your own nation of cowards?

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