The human dilemma

We are all born much like the animals we subsequently grow to admire – or fear. We become human through the process of socialization within our individual cultures, a process that depends heavily on the family.  Unfortunately many who survive infancy are left largely to their own devices as they grow up, and fail to learn socially responsible, legal, or moral grounds for their behavior. These papers blend in very nicely with Stories from the funny farm.

Title Brief
The brain dead while driving While our roads are designed to minimize hazards – there is little one can do to avoid those drivers who are so addicted to their cell phones that they wander all over their own and other folks' lanes seemingly without a care. They are far more dangerous than drunk drivers – and should be banned from the highways.
The most enjoyable stories The following stories are among the more enjoyable stories in the Monkey's canopy.  They are only one click away.
Redneck girl with parrot and gun When a southern bell moves to New Jersey and marries an Italian – she sets the record straight about the importance of guns to "protec one's self and one's stuff".
Sum Ting Wong in America When a serious plane crash happens in San Francisco – an intern in our nation's capitol is fired for indifference to political correctness – the first ever known such firing. For sure – Sum Ting seriously Wong in America. Go figure!
Theft at McDonalds When a crooked cashier in a Rome McDonald's is caught red-handed – a tourist blows the whistle on her prank- and she is confronted by her manager.
Hazardous shower grab bars Purchasing two new safety grab bars to install in a shower proves both are defective and hazardous to your health.

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